Are You Generous … or Stingy?

08 Jul

I’m finding myself meeting a LOT of interesting folks on Twitter. Of course, some people are interesting-good and others are interesting-not-so-much…

The thing that really impresses me lately is the fact that a fair amount of people seriously try to promote their friends by retweeting and mentioning them. Funny how some people are generous and others are stingy.

I’ve been running into stingy a lot in recent weeks. You know the kind of people I’m talking about. The ones who happily eat the breakfast bagels co-workers bring to the office but who never, ever bring anything to the office for other people to share. Or the ones who stop by the office two minutes before it closes to transact business that takes 40 minutes. Or the ones who do everything last minute. And I do mean LAST MINUTE.

What kind of people are you running into lately? Please send some generous people my way. I truly do deserve them! (Ooops! Does that comment illustrate my stingy gene?)


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2 responses to “Are You Generous … or Stingy?

  1. Liz Main

    August 16, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    You’ve just had an unusual run of bad luck with your recent people. The good ones are out there, and we’ve just returned from staying with some extremely generous ones in Alaska. If I told you the names of the friends we visited, you’d think they must run a successful B&B because they are so good at hosting. Not only did the hostess drive 200 miles each way to pick me up from the airport at Fairbanks while her husband entertained my husband at their home, but they fed us royally for days, drove us all over to see wildlife close up, showed me how to drive a four-wheeler, took us out in their fishing boat at Valdez, arranged for a pilot friend to fly us over Prince William Sound, and then–when we finally tore ourselves away from their hospitality–insisted that we even take the halibut they had caught for our lunch on the road. Eating fresh halibut on sesame bagels while sitting on top of the world is hard to beat.

  2. Linda Faulkner

    August 16, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    I’m glad you’ve been running into generous, Liz–it makes your life so much better, doesn’t it? A month after I made this post, I must admit I’ve been running into generous a bit more, as well.


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