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You know that story in the New York Post about the hero cop who saved a distraught woman as she jumped from a 4-story building? ( Well, I remember him when he was a little boy: he’s related by marriage to my aunt.

It’s scary watching the video, knowing two people barely escaped death, and that I know one of the someones.

Gives a whole new definition to the word “selfless,” doesn’t it?

We’ve all said we love others and put other people first … how many of us go so far as to risk our own lives by putting a stranger first?

I need to re-think this issue of “putting other people first.” I’ve clearly been missing something.

P.S. Way to go, Brian. Your father (like the rest of us) would be so incredibly proud.

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Free Business Tips

I do a lot of writing. (Understatement of the year.)

In addition to my fiction and insurance work, I’ve written a fair amount of career development workshops and newspaper columns. Of course, most of the material I write and present is the culmination of over 30 years working in the insurance industry and nearly as much time being a business owner.

If you’re interested in some free advice on any of the following topics, you may want to visit the Free Business Tips page of one of my websites. If any of this information proves helpful … or not, I’d welcome your comments.

  • Stress,
  • The value of time.
  • Public speaking,
  • Interviewing tips,
  • Trade show tips,
  • Communication and learning styles,
  • Writing for business,
  • Self-discipline,
  • Promises, and
  • Networking.
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Michaelbrent Collings Announces…


A writer buddy of mine, Michaelbrent Collings, is offering writing services.  He’s a produced screenwriter and novelist.  

Take a look:

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What is it about Dads?

 My first memory of me and Dad together is when I was 3 or 4 years old. We were driving home from my grandfather’s house–just Dad and me–and it was dark. Late. I was exhausted. I lay on the front seat of the car with my head on his leg. More than 50 years later, I can still see green lights on the dashboard and feel the weight of his hand on my hip. I still remember feeling the heaviness of my eyes, forcing them open, savoring the alone-time and not wanting it to end.

Special. That’s a good word to describe my father. Unique. That’s another good word. He certainly isn’t ordinary. He’s one of those people who says precisely what he means–even if it isn’t politically correct. He’s been known to say things … loudly, emphatically, and without a lot of tact or sensitivity. Then again, he’s never lied to me. He’s also taken to calling me “dear” these past couple of years. Especially since his heart surgery.

He’s opinionated, inflexible, and single-minded. Which are really good qualities when I’ve needed a champion, a supporter, and a friend. Every single day of my life I’ve known my Dad is there for me–and for anyone who’s ever needed him.

Pictured in this blog post are my Dad and three generations of his legacy. We all adore him and have richer, fuller lives because he’s been part of them.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you.

What’s one of YOUR “Dad” stories?



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Don’t You Hate It When…


Don’t you hate it when a customer seeks out your advice and then, when you tell him the way it is, he attempts to persuade you that all your years of knowledge and experience don’t mean anything and can’t you just do it the way he wants you to?

No? You don’t hate it when that happens? Well, I do.

Especially when what I told him is the right way to do it, the legal way to do it, and the ethical way to do it. If we did it his way, he’d take his paperwork to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and be rejected. BIG time waster for me, him, and the registry employee who has to deal with his irritating self. No wonder people at the registry have such a bad reputation–they have to deal with people like him all day.

It’s the same thing with the stupid questions women ask their husbands and boyfriends. “Honey, does my butt look big in this outfit?” This question creates a no-win situation for everyone: men and women alike. No wonder so many men have a reputation for lying to their wives and girlfriends. We teach them to lie when we ask stupid questions like this. Seriously, ladies, are you still wearing the size 6 you wore when you were 20? No? Then guess what? Your butt IS big–how else could it possibly look?

Can you tell what kind of day I had today? Please, cheer me up and share one of your Don’t you hate it when… stories. Misery loves company.

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The Famous Writer, Bill Kirton

Just a quick shout out about my friend Bill Kirton. I love his blog, Living, Writing, and Other Stuff, and decided to contribute to his vast collection of royalties by purchasing two of his books.

More later with my reviews. I’m only a few pages into Sparrow and am loving it. I should also check out (and so should you) his children’s book about Stanley the Fairy.

Click on the book covers to be directed to Amazon for more information about each of the books. They’re available in both print and Kindle and, if you visit Bill’s website, I bet you can find them in other outlets, as well.

(P.S. Helping other people promote themselves, their books, and/or their businesses is not only kind and philanthropic, it also nets you marketing assistance for your own stuff. Bill has been very generous with his support of me and my writing endeavors so please, for me, at least check out his website and blog to make it appear that I’m returning the favor of his kindness.)


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Welcome to my new blog, which has been created to consolidate the majority of my blogging efforts. Instead of hosting six blogs, I’m down to three.

Tell me what you think about the new format and volunteer to appear!




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