Submission Guidelines

I will happily consider hosting you on my blog. Because I’ve become selfish in my old age, I’ve changed my submission guidelines. They are:

  • I’ll consider any request but don’t promise to accept anything.
  • I’ll make my decision about whether or not I ‘ll post your submission based upon my schedule, personal preferences, and my mood of the moment.
  • Hints about what types of submissions are most likely to tickle my fancy (I know–that’s a cliche):
    • Stuff that doesn’t require me to do a lot of work, i.e., you’ve already created and edited all the content;
    • New book announcements and stuff that spotlights new authors or old authors with new stuff;
    • Book review requests for mysteries, thrillers, and contemporary or regency romances;
    • Neat stuff about dogs, cats, and other animals;
    • Success stories that inspire or motivate;
    • Anything humorous;
    • How-to articles.
  • Hints about what types of submissions are least likely to tickle my fancy (yep, still a cliche):
    • Book review requests in the genres of horror, science fiction, or historicals (except for Regencies–I like them);
    • Blatant requests for self-promotion that don’t offer anything to my readers; and
    • Content that’s whiny, negative, nasty, cranky, or poorly written. (Rants are okay so long as they don’t contain the previous elements.)
  • Send your request via e-mail to me at and include the following information:
    • Brief outline of what you want to submit–do not submit actual content. You may submit the first 100 words of content if you feel it will persuade me to accept your submission.
    • Your preferred date(s) of publication. If you don’t provide this, I’ll choose a date for you. You must provide me with at least 2 weeks advance notice, although I may–on occasion–be able to publish sooner.
    • Links to your websites or blogs.
    • Any other pertinent information.

Please note: I truly believe in networking and am a fanatic marketer. I’m more than happy to help you market yourself, your books, and your business. I also believe in reciprocity and will enthusiastically welcome your offer to help me market myself, my books, and my business.


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